Where to write code – Text Editors

Where to write code - Text Editors

Hello and welcome back.

As I mentioned in the previous lesson you can write the entire HTML ANSI assessed code in a simple not bad.

That comes pre-installed in every computer or laptop but to make coding easier and less time taking

there are some free open source software that we can download free of cost and the options are many

today but to keep things simple.

I’m going to be naming only three such editors.

Well there isn’t much of a difference between these different editors as they all provide many good features.

It says the UI experience and one or two features that one provides and not the other one and vice versa.

Once you start coding you may even find some other editors as well.

It’s totally about which one you find more interesting.

OK so let’s get started.

First I would like you to look at this code and not bad.

It looks plain and complicated.

Now let’s look at the same code here.

In another editor it’s much more understandable and easier to follow.

For instance if you click on this header opening tag then it also underlines the closing tag.

And you know exactly where it starts and where it ends.

Then we have different colors as well that make reading even easier moreover we can also see on the

left all the files and folders.

We can add new ones directly by right-clicking and then selecting a new file.

This option is not available in notepad now I’ll be showing you three popular text editors that you

can download free of cost.

And the first one in the list is not that bless plus to download.

You can search it online on Google.com.

You can type download not bad plus plus

the first link would be just not bad plus dot-org Web site and you can choose the one that goes

with your system configuration.

We have these 32 bit and 64-bit versions and under each option we have various other options.

And if not sure then you can select this first option select as if no idea which one you should take

to download you will see something like this.

Let me know Try adding some code I start with Doctype which dismal as I explained in the previous lesson.

Then I go to the next line and add each to a male element.

Now as soon as I type the first letter it opens this intelligence that suggests the word HTML.

So now I can simply press enter and close the angle bracket and I didn’t really have to type everything.

So the save some time when you are writing code this is something you don’t get on the traditional notepad

I know it’s some more code for I need to close the HTML tag using the closing tag that starts with forward


Where to write code - Text Editors

It’s always a good idea to add the closing tag at the same time.

Otherwise we may forget.

All right.

So now as you know everything has to go within the HDD Yemen.

So I make some space and then I add as for the structure the head element I start typing head.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t give me any suggestions now.

I try one more time type had but nothing shows up.

Well there’s a reason for that.

The reason is that I haven’t yet saved a page in the HTML format once I see it in HTML format.

Then it will start working.

So I go to file and select Save us or I can press our classic shortcut control plus then in the file

type I can select hypertext markup language that is each daemon and then I can name the file as index.

Now one important thing here is that in HD AML you should name the home page as an index and the rest of

the pages.

You can name anything.

This is because when you type the name of a website in a browser for example www.youtube.com the browser

first looks for the page indexed or HTML and displays it.

So make sure that your home page is named as indexed or HDL so that every time someone types your website

address the home page should show up and for other pages there’s no such rule.

Now I click on the save button and it’s ready.

Let me also quickly show you how you can save the file and not bad you first open notepad and then go

to the file and then select Save as on the dialog box go to save us type.

And here you won’t get the HTML in the options but you can select this all files option but make sure

you don’t select all text as it phonebook so I select all files and then I type index and you’ll have

to additionally type dot each mail as an extension since we didn’t get this option in the file type.

Once done I can click on Save but in case of the notepad I just show you once again just click on save us

then from the list below select the email and then simply type the name like index and you don’t need

to add dot HD Yemen.

Alright now since I have saved a webpage you can check the file name on the top it reads indexed or

H2 Yemen.

So now than it saved I tried typing once again now I type he and this time I can see the suggestion

for the head so I press enter and close the bracket at enclosing tag now angle bracket forward slash and

then here again I have the option selected so I just hit enter then inside head I add title element

to the piece title so things are working fine now

go inside the title tags I can type the title of the page let me take for example.

Welcome to the website I now save and then I go to the folder where I have saved the file I right-click

and I get this option open it and then I can select the browser in which I want to open the beach I

can then click on the selected browser and it will take me to the browser so there’s nothing inside

because we haven’t yet added much code however there’s this title of the page that we have just added.

Welcome to the website.

So it’s that simple.

Just create each team will file secret and open in the browser.

The second one that I have in the list is brackets.

You can search for this one as well on Google

and the first option you would get is bracket sort Io.

And on the page you will have this download button with the latest addition.

Once you download it will look like this.

I open the same file.

We have just created from here.

Now first thing first you get two theme options by going to view and then teams.

One is the right background just so the other one is dark one that the selected the details to look more


Now there are two important features that we get with brackets.

The first one is this life review option.

As I click on it directly opens the page on your default browser and then if I make any changes like

I change the title to let’s say my website and save then the web page shows the reserve life without

having to refresh the browser.

Another important feature is that we have our files listed on the left.

I can simply open a folder also from the same area.

We can add more files without having to go to the directory itself.

In addition to showing the suggestions when typing an element, it automatically adds the closing tag

as well.

Then the third one that I prefer the most is Adam.

You can search for this one too on Google and the first option you would get is Adam dot I O

where you have this download button with the latest addition and it says 64 bit Windows 7 or later.

So this is its requirement and unfortunately I couldn’t find the install for Mac.

So, in this case, you can try brackets which is really good.

Or there are various other text editors as well.

Once you have downloaded it will look like this I open our steam that page from here and it also

has this beautiful dark theme although it doesn’t have the life preview option like in brackets and

we also don’t get any enclosing tax by default.

It’s still very effective especially when typing C is code that I’ll be covering in the C Ss lessons

and you can download the plugin which is Emmett’s.

That gives us additional functionality which is way more than just the automatically closing tax.

And the best part is that you can download admits on brackets and notepad as well.

I’m not going to be covering it’s right now as that’s not something you would require in the beginning.

It’s useful when you are actually coding Web sites but I’ll cover it towards the end of the course.

Alright to continue.

I also like to follow management on the left even more.

I find it easier to manage again.

Having said that it’s up to you which one you want to use more.

Brackets and atoms are quite popular among developers.

In fact, initially, I used to work on brackets and later moved on to Adam and interestingly I don’t have

a strong reason to do so because nobody can tell you which one is the best.

All these editors do their job really well.

So this is pretty much about different text editors that are pretty cold as in when you start coding

and are creating websites yourself will find out which one is the most convenient for you.

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