HTML Heading and Paragraph

Heading and Paragraph

Hello and welcome back to another lesson in the previous lesson. I talked about age general elements and texts now that we have covered the concept.

It’s time to learn about the different HTML elements we can use for adding different types of content on the website.

And in this lesson I would like to start with two important elements that we commonly use in each HTML.

These two elements are heading in paragraph elements.

In fact, I have briefly talked about them in the previous lesson as well but in the heading,

I talked only about each one element.

However there are six heading elements altogether.

First we have each one which is for the main heading then H2 for secondary or subheading.

Then comes Age 3 which is the third heading.

And it goes all the way down to age 6 to show you how each heading looks on a web page.

Let me add all the six heading text in our document.

I start with each one I add the opening and closing each one text as you know now from the previous

the lesson we can add opening and closing tax and then add the content inside I’ve now added the tax and

now I can type something inside.

Let’s say this is heading one next I’m going to add H2 and type.

This is heading to then I add H3 and type this as having three and then each for each five finally, it’s six

I now save the document and then reload the web page.

You can see that the content appears as per the heading type each one being the main and most important

heading has the largest font followed by H2 which H3 and so on and each 6 has the smallest font now even

though different heading types have a different font.

Heading and Paragraph

One must not use these text just for their font size we can anyways change the font size and other properties

of each adding type using CSS.

In fact, using CSS we can even make the content of 8 6 larger than each one but that’s just styling and

for a browser and search engines.

Each one is always understood as the main heading.

In other words, if it is not the main heading but you still want to make it look big and try not to use

the H1 but use the appropriate tag as per your page content and you’ll see as the styling properties instead to make it big.

The same goes for the opposite case as well.

If you want to add the main heading but you don’t want it to be big and bold.

Then again you can see as the styling properties to make it small and

regular as you would like but try using the appropriate heading tag.

Well you can think of your page content as an article on a newspaper or

magazine or a blog where there are the main heading and various other subheadings.

It’s the same concept.

Ok then let’s now talk about the paragraph element which is simply represented by the letter B.

Well unlike headings we have only one paragraph element that is B and it works the same way we add opening

and closing paragraph tag and then inside we can add the content so I add some content.

And then I saved the document and refreshed the web page.

Here’s our paragraph.

So as I said, in the beginning, the heading in paragraph two most common elements of that page and

we’ll be using them much often while building our website in the next lesson.

I’m gonna cover some more important elements so keep learning and see you in the next lesson.

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