HTML Basic Page Structure

Basic Page Structure

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Every page starts food is dock type HTML.

We also call it the dock type declaration and for reference, you’ll find this declaration on this website

page source as well stoked I breached your email was introduced with the latest version that is HTML

5 and it’s important to include it because it gives the instruction to the browser that the web page

is written in HTML 5.

Therefore it helps the browser read and display the page correctly.

And if you don’t find it on any website and probably it’s written in all HTML version but for a new website

it’s recommended to use HTML version 5 because it’s the latest version and also because it’s more dynamic

has technical enhancements and new features.

In fact, all the modern Web sites like Google YouTube Facebook are built on HTML 5 so this dock type declaration

tells the browser that the website is built on HTML 5 and it’s important to include it on top of each HTML document.

Just like I explained in the beginning then after this talk type comes to HTML dismal element which

marks the beginning of the HTML code.

Notice that it also goes within the angle brackets.

These are called texts.

In fact, we see this HTML tag one more time below with a forward slash this one marks the end of the

HTML code.

So the first HTML tag which marks the beginning of the HTML code is the opening tag and the second one

which marks the code ending is the closing tag and all the page content goes inside these opening and

closing tax on the website code as well.

If I collapse everything then we have this opening HTML and closing its Dremel and we have nothing

after this on the website.

Basic Page Structure

Now what is this entire code that goes inside this HTML tag?

Let us understand it as well.

First, we have to head element which contains important information about a web page like its title

its description of important keywords linked to other documents and the styling properties.

This head element also has the opening hashtag and the closing hashtag and everything that we added

in the head, the text is not directly visible on the web page but serves as a reference for the browser and

search engines to know what the page is about.

So inside the head tax we generally at the base table which appears on the title bar of the webpage.

Like on this Udemy website we have this title text and the same appears over here on the title bar as


Well it’s not entirely visible but if I hover over then there is this tooltip that displays the details

in addition to the title.

We have some matter tax as well and these are optional but help in search engine optimization.

This helps improve your page ranking on search engines as they are meant to contain important information

about the website.

I’ll be covering these tax more in detail in the coming lessons but I would like to point out that except

for this title that too appears on the title about all these details inside the head tag and not visible

on the webpage.

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They only carry important details about the website then comes the body tax.

And this is where the actual visible part of the website appears whatever you write inside the opening

and closing body tax is going to be visible on the website not within the body tax.

We can add certain other elements according to the website we are planning.

Like we can add header and footer then P text for paragraph and many more that we’ll be learning about

in the coming lessons.

But this is just a basic structure that every HTML page should follow.

And notice that I’ve typed all this code inside this basic notepad.

Well, that’s right.

We can code and add website using only the notepad but today we have various other editors that come

free of cost and make the coding even easier as they are very user friendly.

So in the next lesson, I am gonna list some good text editors that are quite popular among the developers

and are absolutely free for download.

Having said that you can still use the notepad if you like.

So let’s find out in the next lesson.

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